Photos of the Week- 2024
Photographs taken of our parishioners serving the Lutheran Church of Our Savior with a smile!

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Linda Murphy and Pastor Rebekah Swanson enjoying the "Meet & Greet" on June 22!

Linda Murphy and Pastor Rebekah Swanson enjoying the "Meet & Greet" on June 22!Faithful Pantry volunteers Dick and Noreen remind you that June is deodorant month! All donations may be left in the Narthex!Concert goers Pr Berner, Jerry, Linda and Noreen enjoyed Eleanor playing piano with the North Hempstead Senior Entertainment Group.George and Pia enjoy Sunday coffee and encourage YOU to host by signing up in the Narthex!Giulio, Chris and Ron enjoying coffee hour! Lots of open coffee hour dates this summer- please sign up to keep them smiling!When Derek saw Jesus and the children, he said,Thank you Stephen Preston and Derek for your time, talents and treasures in painting the church library!Faithful members wearing Pentecost red- Linda Urick, Eleanor Gilder, Dick Marra, Janice Grasso (seated)Pastor Berner, sporting his Port apparel, happily accepting a post-op slice of cheesecake, delivered by Noreen DeSalvo!Marvin Celebrating 16 Years as our Devoted CustodianCall CommitteePresiding Minister And Coffee Hour Host with The Most- April 7, 2024Two of the Ushers - Charles Kietzman and Luke DePalmaOur ChoirAltar Care Team- Gladys Dello-Iacono and Irene Wood picturedThank You Assisting Ministers- Nikos Andreadis, Janice Crawford, Pia Haselbach, Linda Polizzi, Diana Truss