Music and Worship

Director of Music: Federico Teti

Music is an integral part of our worship and our fellowship at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior. 

Federico Teti, our Director of Music, is a Juilliard graduate professional musician and leads our Music Ministry playing the organ, the piano and directing our all-volunteer choir, made up of members and friends of the congregation. On special occasions, we enrich our musical offerings with talented members from the congregation as well as guest musicians. During worship, Federico strives to present a varied selection of instrumental and vocal pieces, which are typically acknowledged with applause by those in attendance. On Sundays, many of our members and friends come prior to the start of worship and remain seated afterward to enjoy Federico’s Prelude and Postlude pieces on the church three-manual pipe organ. While all-volunteer, our choir sings at all services (excluding July and August) and participates in several local events and concerts for the benefit of the entire community.  As music is essential to our fellowship as a congregation, we encourage all members and friends of all ages open to sharing their musical or vocal talents to join in and complement our music ministry. Choir practice is every Wednesday evening at 8 PM, September through June.