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   Persons join when they express the desire to affiliate.  Adults may join formally the congregation by either a letter of membership transfer from another Christian congregation or by adult Confirmation.

   The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated with this understanding: that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are truly present in, with, and under the bread and wine; and, that the penitent receive the full forgiveness of all their sins. All baptized Christians who, in good conscience, can receive with this understanding are invited to partake.

   Baptisms and weddings are conducted as needed. A church wedding requires a couple to spend a period of time preparing for marriage in consultation with the pastor.

   An elevator and access ramp are available for entering and exiting the building. Refreshments are usually served after worship on Sunday. In warmer weather, the church is air-conditioned for your comfort.

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Sunday Update for 9 Pentecost

August 2, 2020


Good Morning, Church! 

          This is the day the Lord has made!  Let us be glad and rejoice in it!  Summer’s a great time to be outdoors, especially before the effects of Hurricane Isaias rain down upon us and the winds blow.

          Outdoor worship this morning is at our sister congregation, Church of Our Saviour – Lutheran in Manhasset.  Pandemically pure, you sit either in your car or in your lawn chair a safe distance away. For anyone uncomfortable with in-person worship at this juncture, Manhasset is the place to be. Pastor Marc Herbst welcomes you!

Video Homily Link:  https://vimeo.com/443859364


Pastoral Prayer

Five months into the pandemic, O Lord, we’re hungrier than ever. We hunger to know You and to be known by You.  Like the young, we want to be out and on the go. Love us more visibly, hold us more securely, that we may love You in return and cling to You more tightly.                                  

As wandering Arameans did in the wilderness, we hunger and thirst. As did Elijah together with the Zarephath widow and her son, we look to You for sustenance. As You hungered in the wilderness after Your Baptism, as did the crowd following You on the shore of Lake Galilee, may You and Your holy angels attend to us and to all who are spiritually and physically hungry. Feed us, Lord, feed us, for like adolescent boys, we’re starving! 

Your Word is our entrée. 

No one lives by bread alone, but by every Word proceeding from Your mouth. We confess we’re distracted by life’s pressing day to day needs. We forget the abundance of Your goodness and we fail to share the bounty we have with neighbors in need. Forgive our shallowness. Don’t give up on us!

Though we cannot receive Your Body and Blood in these pandemic days so to protect the life and health of our neighbors, we believe Your Table of plenty isn’t empty. Your Word assures us of the forgiveness of our sins and the resurrection of  our bodies. Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest!

We pray for all in need,  and all on our daily prayer list.       

We thankfully praise You for healings and help to  all who’ve survived Covid-19. Still, Lord, the pandemic frightens us and we cry to You. De-politicize mask-wearing. De-politicize arguments over individual freedom vs. CDC guidelines. We implore You for wisdom within all to slow and stop the ever-growing  number of infections and deaths.

The Banquet of Heaven bids us come. Amid all life’s uncertainties we entrust ourselves to You, Who for the sake of forbidden fruit,  come to us to feed us food we do not deserve.                                              

Lift our eyes of our hearts beyond the boundaries of this life to see You and all the saints in glory. Give us Your Spirit to advance in peace, hope and joy.  In Your Name, O Jesus, we pray through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Amen.


Weekend Update for 9 Pentecost

August 2, 2020



          We’re living in “Loaves and Fishes” time!

          Jesus learns Herod Antipas ordered John the Baptizer decapitated as a party favor for his stepdaughter.  He needs some “alone time” and isolates from the crowd He’s been teaching by parables.  He takes to the sea in a borrowed boat.  Coming ashore, He sees a great crowd. They followed Him.  He sees their sorrows.  Sees their fears.  They too heard about the Baptizer’s death and they’re worried about what Herod will do next.  The Lord understands the crowd’s longing for encouragement and hope.  He has compassion on them, cures their sick, and teaches them some more.

          Are there not sorrows, fears, perplexities and worries among us?  Do we not need encouragement and hope during this never-before-in-our-lifetime pandemic?  What securities and normalcies do children and youth need?  What help do the under- and un-employed, food-insecure families, small businesses falling behind in their rents, teachers returning to classrooms need?  It’s “Loaves and Fishes” time! What would Jesus say?  What would Jesus do?  You know you’re not alone. “He’s holding us all.”  It’s our theme for August as we move through the Matthean gospel texts!   We see this month God’s abundant, generous heart. 

         If you plan to join us for in-person worship this Sunday, please register by using the link as you sign onto this website.  

          Soli Deo Gloria!






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