There's a place for everyone at Our Savior to be involved and make new friends through small group ministries, fellowship events, and committees for the congregation's life and mission.  Membership is voluntary and personal.

   Persons join when they express the desire to affiliate.  Adults may join formally the congregation by either a letter of membership transfer from another Christian congregation or by adult Confirmation.

   The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated with this understanding: that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are truly present in, with, and under the bread and wine; and, that the penitent receive the full forgiveness of all their sins. All baptized Christians who, in good conscience, can receive with this understanding are invited to partake.

   Baptisms and weddings are conducted as needed. A church wedding requires a couple to spend a period of time preparing for marriage in consultation with the pastor.

   An elevator and access ramp are available for entering and exiting the building. Refreshments are usually served after worship on Sunday. In warmer weather, the church is air-conditioned for your comfort.

Lutheran Church of Our Savior

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Weekend Update for Palm Sunday 2020

April 5, 2020

             While Palm Sunday is the joyous beginning of Holy Week leading to a somber Good Friday, this Palm Sunday is less joyous and more somber. Easter comes early this year for us, bringing resurrection hope into our grief.

             Speaking of palms, we’re keeping yours refrigerated until such time as we’re able to break out of “sheltering-in-place” and fill every seat in the Sanctuary as though it was Palm Sunday or Easter. You will receive palm in all good time. Until then, the Lord resides with you.  You can call upon Him at any time, in any place.  Do so especially if you find yourself anxious!  Additionally, there are many opportunities for worship live-streamed and digital services.

            Tomorrow’s Metropolitan NY Synod-sponsored service is at 10:00am led by Pastor Fabian Árias of St. Peter’s, NYC.  The service will be in Spanish with English subtitles.  You can access the service from the Synod’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

            Trinity Lower Eastside Lutheran Parish live-streams worship at 11:00am.  You may access through their Facebook page. The Life Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Old Westbury live-streams at 10:00am; access is through their Facebook page.  Pastor Justin Vetrano of The Life Church is also LuHi Chaplain.

            We aren’t recommending any live-streams from congregations using Zoom meeting codes published on Facebook or Instagram.  Why?  Even amid this crisis there are folks who have nothing better to do in life than to hack into meetings, use obscenities, and display inappropriate materials. “Zoom-bombing” seems to be a new past time since there’s no baseball. 

           Thankful to all donors and helpers at Our Savior’s!  On Monday we delivered 320 pounds of non-perishables and $445 to Lutheran Community Services NY’s New Life Center in Uniondale.  Then Thursday we had a limited Paper & Personal Care Pantry.  56 families received 1 bag (2 tp rolls & 1 paper toweling) and 1 container of laundry detergent.  All items were picked up on the Patio of Hope; none of the guests entered the building.  Kudos to Marianne Reardon’s daughters for bagging the paper products as a service project.

         Soli Deo Gloria!

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