There's a place for everyone at Our Savior to be involved and make new friends through small group ministries, fellowship events, and committees for the congregation's life and mission.  Membership is voluntary and personal.

   Persons join when they express the desire to affiliate.  Adults may join formally the congregation by either a letter of membership transfer from another Christian congregation or by adult Confirmation.

   The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated with this understanding: that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are truly present in, with, and under the bread and wine; and, that the penitent receive the full forgiveness of all their sins. All baptized Christians who, in good conscience, can receive with this understanding are invited to partake.

   Baptisms and weddings are conducted as needed. A church wedding requires a couple to spend a period of time preparing for marriage in consultation with the pastor.

   An elevator and access ramp are available for entering and exiting the building. Refreshments are usually served after worship on Sunday. In warmer weather, the church is air-conditioned for your comfort.

Lutheran Church of Our Savior

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Good Morning, Church!

Today we’ll again welcome worshipers into the Sanctuary.  They represent not only the entire Our Savior’s faith family, but also the whole people of God in Christ Jesus throughout planet Earth. 

To all, whether worshiping at home or in the Sanctuary assembly, we commend the opening verses of today’s Psalm, no. 65:

      1You are to be praised, O | God, in Zion;
  to you shall vows | be fulfilled.
2To you, the one | who answers prayer,
  to you all | flesh shall come.
3Our sins are strong- | er than we are,
  but you blot out | our transgressions.

The psalmist teaches prayer strengthens our relationship with the Lord. Prayer’s goal isn’t to be granted a favor or blessing as much as it is to enter into an intimacy with the Lord.  She also teaches human agency cannot eradicate Sin’s power from our lives.  Only the Lord’s decisive actions on our behalf blots out sins by the gospel of forgiveness and life. 


Video Homily: “God Bless Vernon Valley Farm” 



Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer

6 Pentecost

We give thanks to You, heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ Your dear Son, that You have protected us through the week from all harm and danger.  We ask that You would also protect us today and in the forthcoming week from sin and all evil, so that our lives and actions may please and glorify You.  Into Your hands we commend ourselves: our bodies, souls, and all that is ours.  Let Your holy angels be with us, so that wicked one may have no power over us.

May Your Holy Spirit cultivate our hearts, minds, and souls. Till us, Lord God, that we, prepared for the planting of Your seed, may receive and welcome You. Make our roots grow deep in Your grace-filled holy Word that we may grow, blossom and bear good fruit.  Prune away our dead branches, anything in us prohibiting growth.

You call us to be Sowers of the Seed, the Gospel, that we may share Your tender mercies with people hardened and beaten down by life’s ambiguities and complexities.  May our witness be authentic and full of grace. Strengthen us for service even as we praise You.

Mighty God, renew this fractured world. Heal the hurts of Your children and bring about Your peace for all in Christ Jesus, the Living Lord.

O God, You call Your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.  Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that Your hand is leading us and Your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Weekend Update for 6 Pentecost

July 12, 2020



          Whatever year it was, we planted a Pee Gee hydrangea tree alongside the neighbor’s retaining wall.  In recent years Pee Gee branches pop out of the wall 6, 8, maybe 10 feet away from the tree. However likely, roots grew beneath the wall and then up and through the stone wall to emerge in unlikely places.  You’ve probably experienced weeds or flowers emerging from cracks in a walkway or driveway, however unlikely. Tomorrow’s gospel selection treats us to the Lord’s Parable of the Sower and the Seed.

          By the power of the Holy Spirit God sows the Gospel’s Seed, Jesus the Seed Incarnate, in His good earth.  We want to be “good soil” for that Seed to grow, bless, guide, help and sustain us both to honor God and to be helpful to our neighbors.  God is the God of surprising serendipity.  When the Seed takes root in an unlikely person we, from a human perspective, might consider rocky, compacted, soil, or someone so wrapped up in the cares of the world, God’s amazing grace astounds. God ways and the Spirit’s power are always greater than our expectations and understandings.  The moral: don’t ever give up on anyone!  God doesn’t and neither ought we!  Why?  Because our hearts are all four kinds of soil Jesus describes.  Thanks be to God for grace beyond understanding.

   For in-person worship tomorrow in the Sanctuary, please register at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lutheran-church-or-our-savior-30573212816

.   Though we won’t be singing, at the suggestion of Council President Denise DePalma you will be able to hum the hymns. Yes, hum the hymns!  And, though sharing the Peace of the Lord isn’t part of the Service of the Word, we’ve added a “No Touch Peace Sharing.”       

          Do remember we’re collecting school supplies through July 31st for the New Life Center in Uniondale.  Your donations can be delivered to the church Mondays & Tuesdays 9:30am through Noon.  If you’d prefer to make a donation, write a check to “Lutheran Church of Our Savior” and put “school supplies” in the memo line.  Your gift will be forwarded to the New Life Center in Uniondale.


          Soli Deo Gloria!




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"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go unto the House of the Lord'."

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