There's a place for everyone at Our Savior to be involved and make new friends through small group ministries, fellowship events, and committees for the congregation's life and mission.  Membership is voluntary and personal.

   Persons join when they express the desire to affiliate.  Adults may join formally the congregation by either a letter of membership transfer from another Christian congregation or by adult Confirmation.

   The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated with this understanding: that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are truly present in, with, and under the bread and wine; and, that the penitent receive the full forgiveness of all their sins. All baptized Christians who, in good conscience, can receive with this understanding are invited to partake.

   Baptisms and weddings are conducted as needed. A church wedding requires a couple to spend a period of time preparing for marriage in consultation with the pastor.

   An elevator and access ramp are available for entering and exiting the building. Refreshments are usually served after worship on Sunday. In warmer weather, the church is air-conditioned for your comfort.

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Weekend Update for 2 Advent

December 6, 2020


The Beginning of the Good News…

          So opens Saint Mark’s gospel.  “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”  What began in Jesus continues in and through us into the world.  The good news is still being told.  The gospel still being written.  It’s our turn now to continue the Lord’s.

          Tomorrow we meet the forerunner, John the Baptizer, who appeared in the wilderness, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.  Wilderness.  Some think of “wilderness” as a demonic place such as when Jesus was tempted.  Wilderness can also be a place of struggle and Spirit-strength as it was for Jesus before the Temptations.


          Pandemically, we’re living in a wilderness, a time and place of both struggle and strength.  The Spirit working in the Word, in Baptism, in forgiveness (are there any without guilt among us? likely not! ever said something aloud you wish you could take back?) strengthens us as nothing less than the Lord Himself comes to us – today, tomorrow, Christmas, every day until eternity dawns. In His strength, His power, we go forth to continue the good news!

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          Beginning the 6th month of in-person worship, December’s Assisting Minister is Pia Haselbach.  The Cantor is Judy Doyle.  The Lector is Renée Wicklund.  Holy Communion will be celebrated as we light two candles on the Advent wreath.  At the end of the service we’ll make a brief video greeting Gunter Georgi as he continues in rehab.  The following Sunday we’ll make another video for Karen Spitz as the lockdown at the Bristal of North Hills will continue throughout December. 

           Port Washington’s Christmas Tree Lighting Tomorrow evening, 6pm, on Facebook.  Go to “Port Washington Christmas Tree Lighting” page.      

Grace Guild Christmas Project

          Since publication of the newsletter, the Grace Guild’s ingathering totals $4,420 for the Christmas project in cooperation with Our Lady of Fatima’s Outreach Ministry.  The local Sid Jacobsen JCC (Jewish Community Center) recently notified Sr. Kathy that they’re providing a boxed meal for every family – a mitzvah!

Lutheran World Federation General Secretary

          The Reverend Dr. Martin Junge, General Secretary of the LWF, wrote the foreword to Pope Francis’ newest book.  As of now, the publication is in Italian only.



Soli Deo Gloria!







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"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go unto the House of the Lord'."

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